{funkyheatmap}: Visualising data frames with mixed data types

{funkyheatmap} is a way for creating customisable heatmaps.


You can install funkyheatmap like so:



Let’s use the mtcars dataset as an example of what a funky heatmap looks like.


data <- mtcars %>%
  rownames_to_column("id") %>%

column_info <- tribble(
  ~id,     ~group,         ~name,                      ~geom,        ~palette,    ~options,
  "id",    "",             "",                         "text",       NA,          list(hjust = 0, width = 6),
  "mpg",   "overall",      "Miles / gallon",           "bar",        "palette1",  list(width = 4, legend = FALSE),
  "cyl",   "overall",      "Number of cylinders",      "bar",        "palette2",  list(width = 4, legend = FALSE),
  "disp",  "group1",       "Displacement (cu.in.)",    "funkyrect",  "palette1",  lst(),
  "hp",    "group1",       "Gross horsepower",         "funkyrect",  "palette1",  lst(),
  "drat",  "group1",       "Rear axle ratio",          "funkyrect",  "palette1",  lst(),
  "wt",    "group1",       "Weight (1000 lbs)",        "funkyrect",  "palette1",  lst(),
  "qsec",  "group2",       "1/4 mile time",            "circle",     "palette2",  lst(),
  "vs",    "group2",       "Engine",                   "circle",     "palette2",  lst(),
  "am",    "group2",       "Transmission",             "circle",     "palette2",  lst(),
  "gear",  "group2",       "# Forward gears",          "circle",     "palette2",  lst(),
  "carb",  "group2",       "# Carburetors",            "circle",     "palette2",  lst()

funky_heatmap(data, column_info = column_info, expand = list(xmax = 4))

More information

Works with funkyheatmap(-like) visualisations

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  • Luecken et al. (2021)
  • Mereu et al. (2020)
  • Pratapa et al. (2019)
  • Yan and Sun (2022)
  • Sang-aram et al. (2023)

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